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Over 26 years’ experience on tabloid and metro sized weekly newspapers and weekly news magazines, including 10 years as a publisher, two years as a production coordinator for weekly news magazine and four years as an editor. The newspapers ranged in size from eight pages to over 100 pages a week

As a reporter, and, editor I have researched, written and designed numerous supplements, newsletters, pamphlets, and support materials on a wide variety of issues. Some of the more relevant ones have dealt with the oil and gas industry, forestry, and agriculture.

Majority of reporting duties involved covering government at all levels from municipal councils, through provincial government and on to federal government. In this role, I needed to be familiar with a wide variety of legislation, and to simplify it so that the average reader could also understand it. It was also important to take government reports, summarize the content so our average reader could understand it.

As an editor and publisher, the emphasis moved from the research and writing to staying on top of what was happening in the community to ensure that our coverage met the desires of our readers.


Over 35 years’ experience in photography including freelance, studio, and photo finishing. As a freelance photographer, I worked on assignment for such publications as Reader’s Digest, Outdoor Life, and Sports Afield. Owned and managed a photography studio specializing in advertising/public relations and a studio specializing in portraiture with a staff of over 30. With the advertising studio, I also owned and managed an associated custom photo-finishing lab that processed C-41 and E-6 film, and did custom hand enlargements from negatives.
Worked in every department and position of a newspaper including: Editorial Department – Editor, reporter, photographer; Sales – advertising sales, advertising manager, Layout – typesetter, designer; Pre-Press; Circulation and Distribution.


Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Acrobat) Adobe Lightroom, Quark Express, Ventura Publisher, Corel Draw, Freehand, Multi-Ad Creator, Microsoft Publisher.


Took the production department from manual layout and paste-up through to full computerized pagination.


Worked on getting problem files to output and provided training to customers so that they could provide trouble free files.


Created a database for an Oilfield Service company that allowed them to type in a well location and instantly know all of the equipment on that site, when it was last serviced, who did the servicing, what service had been provided, and the serial numbers on all parts Maintained a database of 26,000 business in Edmonton and created a follow-up system for sales that automated the entire follow-up call process for at least one year from last sale. Produced an Edmonton Business Directory listing all businesses first alphabetically by name, then by street address, then by Postal Code, then by telephone number, then by number of employees. It also listed all of the owners, and managers by name.


Canadian Armed Forces where I reached the rank of Sergeant

Developed the initial interpretive program for Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park.

As the editor of the Advocate in Milk River, in a three-week period coordinated all of the media and activities for the February 1999 Millennium coin launch for the Royal Canadian Mint. We were able to obtain front-page coverage in major newspapers from Vancouver to Halifax, as well as nationwide coverage on radio and television. In addition, CTV did a special program on the coin and its launch. At the end of the two-year campaign I received a letter from the President of the Royal Canadian Mint stating that the February 1999 coin launch had been the best launch out of all 24 coin launches.

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